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Las Vegas, Nevada: Book Launch "Reverie" plus Ka-Ching!

I'm in Las Vegas for the book launch of REVERIE, and for a bit of traditional "ka-ching gambling." Please click on the link for information about this wonderful collection of 31 stories by graduates of St. Theresa's College, Quezon City.

The book launch was great. Around 45 guests showed up for a literary reading, book signing, followed by a light supper. Perfect! Enjoy the pictures taken at the launch.

The gambling is another story.

I don't gamble a lot, dear Readers. I fully understand that casinos stay in business because their clients lose. So, I have a budget of say, one hundred dollars, and I play the quarter slot machines.  Now and then I'll play the dollar slot machines although those suck up your money quickly.  If I can keep myself entertained for a night, that's great.

 The last time we visited Las Vegas, it seemed economically depressed, but now it feels more progressive. The bombastic casinos are thriving and hotel rooms are full.  There are many housing developments and road constructions. There are new decorative sculptures along the freeway too, which look somewhat whimsical (horses and mountain goats, among others).  I understand that Las Vegas continues to have issues with water supply -- it's a dessert for God's sake -- and I'm not sure where they're going to get their water especially when its population continues to grow.

Funny place, Las Vegas. It's really rather tacky and plastic, but it has a lot of energy and can be fun.

Following is a report from Nini Arzadon, one of the contributors of REVERIE, regarding the book launches of that book in Los Angeles and Las Vegas:

REVERIE in Las Vegas, Nevada
by Nini Arzadon
Sita and I drove to Vegas from a very successful book launch in LA,
hosted by Mrs. Dypiangco and very well attended by Theresians.  There was
a lot of animated conversation among old classmates and younger alumnae.
There was enough food to feed a battalion of warriors.

Our host in Las Vegas, Marieke Chan Samonte, in her summery yellow outfit, met us at
her timeshare, at Hilton Grand Vacations Club on Flamingo.  She booked
the place for Marily, Sita and I.  It was indeed a grand vacation, the place
is very luxurious, complete with a jacuzzi, bar, kitchen, washer and dryer too!!
She was the perfect hostess, she brought out the 'welcome pack' of wine,
cheese, crackers, strawberries and siopao too!  Then she left us to rest and
freshen up.  She came back to pick us up for dinner in her carriage, a midnight blue Jag!!

The next day was the launch at Salo-Salo, a Filipino restaurant; a banquet room
was reserved for 40 people made up of Theresians and Marieke's friends. Marieke who
tirelessly organized the event  was
 radiant in a dark red embroidered Filipina inspired dress.  The surprise
of the event was the presence of our dear classmate, Evelyn Doliente dela Cruz
who looked so beautiful despite her 3 brain surgeries.  The emcee was of course
our editor, Marily; the readers who read their stories were Sita and Evelyn and the
other readers were Cecilia Manguerra Brainard, our classmate in college a Philippine
American  award winning author, who has written several short stories and novels.
Cecilia read Beng's story, and I read Carmen Chua's story to the delight of everyone.

The next day, we spent the day around the strip, did a
bit of gambling, where our dear Marily, won $55. and $750. again the next day.

It was indeed a very memorable weekend.

We want to give a big thank you to Marieke who did an excellent job organizing
the book launch of Reverie, a testimony of our sisterhood!


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