Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Brainard Christmas Pictures - 1993

I used to make collages like this one to greet family and friends during Christmas. I found some of them and will be posting these this holiday season.

I didn't have an accompanying newsletter. I always found those boasting newsletters awful, but now I wish I had included some narrative with the pictures. 

Let's see if I remember what went on: 

Top left - I gave a talk in the Philippines as part of a USIS Lecture Tour;
Top right - Two of my sons and I were in Hong Kong;
Mid left - We think that was taken in Mexico;
Mid right - Lauren and two sons in front of Cal Plaza Building, LA
Bottom left - Graduation of a son; he's with his two grandmothers and his Dad;
Bottom right - Our sons with cousins in the Philippines

Stay tuned for more Brainard Christmas Pictures!

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