Friday, December 18, 2015

Brainard Pictures Friends and Family 1995

The top picture was the Brainard Christmas card in 1995.

The collage below shows friends I saw that year.

I see Brenda Nuval, Chickie Feraren, Maribel Paraz, Mila Santillan, Tubby Rose Fernandez, Chona Preston, Tanya Anderson (then with the USIS now US Consul General in Guadalajara), Tillic Lorayes, Karina Bolasco, Chinggay Utzurrum, Jaime Picornell, the Franco Family of Cebu, among others, in the collage. Click on the picture to make it large.

1995 - Cecilia Brainard and friends

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Stay tuned for more Brainard Christmas Pictures!

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