Monday, December 14, 2015

LA Writer Rachelle Benveniste's Poem "The Moth"

Some friends of the writer, Rachelle Benveniste, have been trying to gather her writings. I came across her poem published in the Spring of 1992 in UCLA extension's MindscapeS, which I'm sharing here:

The Moth
by Rachelle Benveniste
published Spring 1992, MindscapeS

It must have been there
all night
lodged at the center of my brain
like a moth
stuck to the hot darkness
not able to lift
and drift away
through my consciousness
but clinging
as to some screen door
hard as a bullet.

It must have been waiting
with its wings held tight
against its center,
thick and dusty,
harboring its flight,
racking up some energy
in that deep black space,

For at that fierce gleam
in your eye,
it flew wildly into the room,
ramming itself
against window, lamp, clock,
searching for a place
to quiet its flight,
then hurling itself
in desperation
against the blank wall
of your mind.

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