Sunday, December 13, 2015

After #SanBernardino A Song for Hope "We Will Rise Again"

The San Bernardino Terrorist Shooting knocked the wind of me.

There are many thoughts roiling in my head, and feelings too --- anger, frustration, fear, sadness. Peace on this poor battered earth seems illusive, but it cannot be so.

Here's a hymn sang in church yesterday that I find comforting and hope you find comfort in it too.


Here are the lyrics:

We Will Rise Again

Like a Sheperd, I will feed you
I will gather you with care
I will lead you and hold you
close to my heart

We will run and not grow weary
for our God will be our strenght
and we will fly like an eagle
we will rise again

I am strenghth to the weary
to the weak I am new life
Though the young may grow weary
I will be their hope

Lift up your eyes
and see who made the stars
I lead you and I know you
I am your God

Fear Not! I am with you
I am your God
I will strenghten you and help you
uphold you with my hand

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