Sunday, December 20, 2015

Our Christmas Tree Before and After Decorating

We finally got our Christmas tree up!  Here are some before-and-after-decorating pictures.

I enjoy hanging the decorations, many of which we have owned for years. Some were made by the children in school. Some I picked up at our travels. Some were gifts. There are some made of glass, brass, wood, ceramic.

We used to have a truly garish star tree top, which many would call tacky but which amused us greatly. It was multicolored and blinked and also played a Christmas song. But one year it stopped working and we have been without a star tree top.  The simple angel is clipped to the top branch and we also like her.

Some of my favorite decorations include a black sheep and a white sheep made of glass.  You can see them near the top part. I also like the glass ballerina with a lavender skirt near the top and the other ballerina in the middle. From Mexico I have several paper mache decorations including a white shaman near the top and a whimsical mermaid, right almost-middle.  In the bottom part is a large rectangular piece that is a reminder of the horrific 2013 super typhoon Haiyan; it is made of two pieces of split bamboo and inside are little figurines.

Christmas is fun and I hope you are enjoying the holidays.

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Best wishes this holiday season,
Cecilia and family

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