Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cecilia's Design for a Better Hospital Gown for Dignity and Modesty

Hello -- whoever designs hospital gowns, listen up, we need something better than what's out there!

Here are some ideas to improve the design:
1. First and foremost -- the back part: add an overlap and a bit of velcro to keep the backside in place;
2. Add a bit of shape -- instead of a straight cut along the sides, give it a bit of flare at the bottom part; the "tent" will discourage the gown from parting in the back;
3. A pocket would be nice;
4. Cheerful print - while I realize the gowns have to undergo multiple and rigorous washing, the print can be better than those generic stars. How about a batik pattern? - see sample below.

5. The piping used along the edges can be a contrasting color to give the gown a bit of style.
6. The metal snaps along the shoulder line are practical and should stay.

All right -- that's my two-cents worth about Hospital Gown Design for Dignity and Modesty.

Seriously I don't think it'll cost more to make these small adjustments.
If you check out the links below, it seem the UK has or is addressing the problem of immodest hospital gowns.

All for now,

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