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Unforgettable Fountains from Around the World

 Large or small, fountains add an attractive element to a garden or house and create a lovely ambiance to a place. Fountains appeal to man's senses via sight, sound, and touch (since these helped provide "air conditioning.") A fountain can turn a dull garden or wall exciting. I've seen small gardens in Charleston, South Carolina turn absolutely charming by their use of fountains.

In ancient days, fountains were part of the waterworks of the city or town. They provided water to the residents. I admire how clever the ancients were in making attractive a necessary feature. Communities could gather around to enjoy it and perhaps cool off in the summertime. There probably was a place for laundry as well, and perhaps also a play area for children. In other words, fountains became part of parks. I'm surmising a lot of these, but I have links to the history of fountains below, so check them out

 Here are some beautiful fountains from around the world, ancient and modern. Enjoy the pictures. I took them except for the top and bottom which are courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Just click on a picture to make it larger.

 Be sure and check out some of these links to fountains and to my other writings. Thanks for stopping by.

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