Saturday, December 7, 2013


December 7, 2013

Dear GB,

The members of the Abs Team felt that since I’m the largest internal organ, I should write to you. 

We are all distraught at how things turned out and want you to know that we feel terrible that you had to go. I in particular feel your absence. All my life you had been nestled in my underside, working in close tandem 
with me. Remembering our close partnership makes me weepy: I made the bile and passed the overflow to you; you stored it; together we squirted the juices into the stomach. 

Now, I’ll have to do this work alone.

I had repeatedly warned you not to get into the stones game.  Making them was bad enough, but throwing them about, was another matter. I understand you were just having a bit of fun, but clearly our Host Body found your prank annoying.  Her enzyme rates went ballistic when you did your Stones Game.

And shooting that stone straight into the common bile duct where it got stuck, went beyond the pale.  I can’t believe how proud you were about that. “Whee! Look at how far I got,” you said, laughing, “The 9 mm stone went all the way to the common bile duct.” 

GB, no one else thought that was funny. You could have caused pancreatitis. Didn’t you see the kind of pain you caused in her? You should have been more observant, more considerate. 

In any case, I shouldn’t be lecturing you about what you did wrong because that’s all water under the bridge. Even though the Host Body wanted to give you another chance, everyone else wanted you removed. 

So there you are, clipped and pulled out of a little abdominal hole in no time flat.

Everyone sends you their love and regrets. Appendix wants you to know how sorry he is for the times he called you “vestigial.” Kidneys say they’ve learned their lesson from you and will not make stones. Pancreas, Spleen, Stomach, Intestines, Glands, also send their love and farewell.

I’ll miss your warm little organ underneath my frontal lobe, really, I will. 

Goodbye, dear Companion and Friend, from all of us.

Yours truly,

Liver and the rest of the Abs Team

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