Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cats with a Plan (re the Christmas Tree) - A One Act Play

Act 1, scene 1: Two brother cats are conversing as they watch the birds outside the window

Tesla - So, Bro, here's my plan -
Che - Plan? What plan? I hate plans. I'm a Spontaneous-kind-of-cat.
Tesla - And that's what gets you into trouble, Bro. When you act at the spur of the moment, in other words when you're not thinking, that's when they get their Disciplinary water bottle to squirt not just you but us. 
Che - You're always blaming me. It's not like you don't get into trouble too.

Act 1, scene 2 - The two cats are playing it cool

Tesla - Sure I also get into trouble. We're cats after all. Trouble is our middle name.
Che - OK, OK, so what's the plan?
Tesla -We have to be patient.
Che - I hate waiting!
Tesla - You have to wait, Bro. We wait until nighttime and they're both asleep. Then as quietly as we can ---
Che - What? What?  What's the plan?
Tesla - As quietly as mice - ha-ha- that's a joke -- we go downstairs and we can take on the tree.
Che - The tree, the tree, I can't wait! I can't wait!

Act 1, scene 3:

So the two cats sneak downstairs and clamber up the tree and have a field day!
Because to cats this is what a Christmas tree looks like:


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