Friday, December 27, 2013

Cecilia's Mini-Reviews of Holiday Movies

Mini-Reviews of Movies:
I'm rating these from 1-5, 5 being the best:

Inside LLewyn Davis -
I've enjoyed movies by the Coen Brothers so I had high hopes when we saw this one. The movie disappointed me. The music wasn't bad, but the main character is a loser from start to finish.  The events in the movies, for eg. the trip the main character takes with the John Goodman character, don't hang well together.   I give this a "3-."

Philomena -
This movie is about a mother searching for a child she had to give up while she was under the guardianship of Irish Catholic nuns.  And oh, my goodness, the nuns are bad!  Judi Dench does a good job, as usual. And this story unfolds better than Llewyn Davis.  I give this a 3+.

Nebraska -
I enjoyed this film about an older, addled man, who believes he's won a million dollars and wants to go to Nebraska to collect the money.  His younger son does take him and their journey brings the older gentleman in touch with the town and people he grew up with.  It's a touching character film that ends in a satisfying way.  I give this a 4.

Gravity -
This movie made me impatient. This was mostly action and effects, and it had little to do with character development.  I give this a 2.

American Hustle -
Some good acting in this movie, but the plot was so convoluted I was never sure what was going on.  For the fine acting performance, I give this a 3.

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