Monday, December 16, 2013

Seymour My Cannibal Pitcher Plant Has a Flower!

Do you remember Seymour, my Cannibal Pitcher plant in my kitchen?  I'd posted pictures of him catching a fly last October

The most recent thing regarding Seymour is that he has a beautiful red flower.  It's drooping so I couldn't take a good picture of it, but the flower is beautiful!

For a while there, in November, Seymour looked a bit sick, and apparently pitcher plants hibernate during the winter. I don't know if he's "woken" up from hibernation with this flower, but his leaves with those crazy red veins look grand!


From a gardening site, here's information: (hmmm, the following says the plant flowers in April through May. So why is Seymour flowering now????)

What they like, he says, are wet toes, dry ankles, and full sun. Avent recommends planting them in pure peat moss, whether in containers or the ground, and never fertilizing them. "They like the water, but they like it down about 6 inches, with the top dry," he says. "And if you put them in shade, they will go downhill."  

Pitcher Plant Bloom Guide
Before the pitchers emerge, the plants also produce white, pink, red, or yellow blooms beginning in April and continuing through May. Varieties that have a white-topped pitcher plant as a parent also produce blooms in the fall.  As much as the pitchers put on a show, the flowers are, Avent says, "bizarre." "The rides at a fair that hang you in this little cart and twirl you upside-down: The pitcher plant flowers look like that," he says.

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This is all for now this Monday morning.


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