Thursday, January 2, 2014

Atheists Banned Nativity Scenes in Santa Monica, California

Before they take them down, I thought I'd post these Nativity scenes in Santa Monica, California. For 60 years, these Nativity scenes were displayed along Pacific Palisades Park, until some atheist groups protested to the city causing the ban of these scenes on public property.

It had been part of our family tradition to drive by the Nativity Scenes with the children and tell the Christmas Story to them. The ban made me very sad.  Can you imagine such mean-spiritedness to cause the banning of these scenes?

For two years now, the Nativity Scenes have been on private land - this year on Mt. Olive Lutheran's grounds.  Goodbye for now, Nativity Scenes, and see you again next year. (The pictures show some, not all, of the Nativity Scenes.)

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