Thursday, January 23, 2014

Comparing my Sony RX 100 with other Cameras and Cell Phone

I have a new Sony RX 100 and for fun I'm posting images below taken by it, a cell phone, my old Canon Supershot, and my Canon G12.  The image by the Canon G12 seems to be the sharpest but then this was taken during the daytime.  I'll use my RX 100 to take daytime pictures as I check out Cebu, and let's see what kind of images this new camera takes.

If you have any tips on how I can get better pictures with this RX 100, let me know.  Don't be intimidated by the Comments section of this blog.  It checks to make sure you're not a robot, and I have to approve it. I get a lot of spam, dear Readers, which is why this is setup this way.  But I do get blog comments and I approve them if they're not spam.

Seriously, let me know!

 The above image was taken by my new Sony RX 100, on automatic setting.

The above image was taken by my niece's cell phone.

 This was taken by my old Canon supershot, auto setting.

 The above image was taken by my Canon G 12, daytime, auto setting.

I have to say that the photo taken by the Canon G 12 is very sharp and clear.

The images below were taken by my Sony RX 100.

This was the birthday celebration of my sister-in-law in Cebu. We ate at Ching Palace in Cebu.  The food was quite good but the place was crowded, with tables very close to one another and the waiter brought us the wrong dishes twice.

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