Tuesday, January 14, 2014

SYRIA WAR: Father Paolo Dall'Oglio. S.J. May be Alive!

While looking at the pictures posted in the Facebook site of Days of Solidarity with Syria I caught this picture from Italy and realized that Father Paolo Dall'Oglio, the Italian Jesuit priest who was kidnapped last July 29, 2013 may be alive.

Father Paolo disappeared last July 2012 while trying to negotiate peace between Kuridsh groups and jihadists. ISIS kidnapped him and has held him captive since then. Recent reports indicate there are delicate negotiations between the Italian government and ISIS.  He was last seen in Akirshe prison in Raqqa where there is heavy fighting between ISIS and the other rebels.

Father Paolo "established the Mar Moussa monastery in Rif Dimashq during this three decade stay in Syria. He was asked to leave the country by the Syrian authorities in 2012 in light of what was perceived as a supportive position by him towards the Syrian revolution." ~ from Syria Newsdesk

I too will pray for Father Paolo's safety and freedom.

Addendum 2/4/14 - January 29 declared Global day of prayer for Father Dall'Oglio

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