Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cebu Travel Pictures: Cathedral, Santo Nino, Night Market, Historic Section, Motorcycles

I took these pictures last Sunday evening. I noticed that there are more motorcycles in the Cebu now and I assume that's because motorcycles are more affordable than cars.  Cebu is starting to look like Vietnam or India, with families of four riding bikes.

The Cathedral and Santo Nino Basilica are being repaired from damage incurred during the 7.1 Magnitude earthquake last October. Magellan's Cross Kiosk is also being retrofitted.

The other pictures show a night market, a candle vendor with people around her, and note she is standing right under a sign that says, "No Vendors Allowed."

There's a picture of a new MacDonald's and my favorite little park all lit up. The broken belfry of Santo Nino Basilica is covered by a Pit Senyor sign. The main section of the Santo Nino is closed and Masses are said in open church square.

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