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If you read my earlier blog, you will know that I lost my camera and money in an internet scam.  I sent my camera (Canon G12) and $89 payment to Cameras and Parts or last September, and despite repeated phone calls and emails, I never got my camera back.

Before dealing with them, I had checked the internet and found a lot of "positive" reviews/feedback about them, which made me trust them. Now I realize their employee(s) posted these positive reviews about in various sites and discussion groups. The accurate negative reviews are diluted by their false positive comments.

I've gathered some customers' complaints about Cameras and Parts so readers can consider more clearly what these people do to customers and be properly warned.

Their information, as listed in the Better Business Bureau, El Paso, TX, is:
Cameras and
1605 George Dieter, PO Box 574
El Paso, TX 79936
Contact: Mr. Ryan Eisenberg

If you've already lost your camera and money to Cameras and, file complaints to the Better Business Bureau of El Paso, TX, the US Postal Inspection Service,  the Internet Crime Complaint Center, the Federal Trade Commission, call and report them to the El Paso, Texas Police Department, 1-915-832-4436, among others.


No refund, and the camera is lost!

I have found a repair service called Cameras and Parts, and decided to send them my camera for a repair. They ask for a pre-payment, so I wired them the money. One month later and still no news from anyone – I called them up and asked where is my camera. They said that they never received it (!!!) and they do not carry any responsibility for the lost camera. I am very upset because this camera was expensive! And now they won't even refund me the money i paid them FOR NOTHING! ~ from ReviewsTalk
Do not use this bunch of crooks. Complete and utter rip off. Send these jokers your camera at your peril. Do some research and above all do not use this bunch of crooks. ~by Nioman, Complaints Board 
THIS is a SCAM. I lost my camera and my money. When I didn't receive my camera in a month and a half, I contested the payment with PayPal. I got a call back from Mike and he was so "nice" and said he would expedite the repair, I just needed to go back to PayPal and have the dispute resolved. Once I did that, PayPal doesn't let you go back again. I lost the $$ and never got my camera! ~Ollim, Complaints Board

I sent my Canon G9 for repair at the beginning of February 2011.
I received a call on Feb 16 saying the camera was in service. On March 1st I called and was told the engineer was out until Friday. On March 8 I was told the camera would be sent out in 2-3 days and would be upgraded to priority shipping.

I have not received my camera. I haven't received any emails from the company. Certainly no tracking numbers for the return shipping.
I have raised a dispute with paypal. I seriously wonder what is going on with this company. Everyone that has sent their camera to seems to have had serious problems, and the glowing praise that comes from the one time posters is obviously camerasandparts trying to drum up business for themselves.

I would never, EVER recommend this company to someone for camera repair. You'll wait months for the camera to be repaired, if it ever is - you may not see it again. ~Odin, Complaints Board

Sent my camera in 3 months ago. Part was delayed in China, blah, blah, blah! Our of curiosity I Googled their address - guess what - it's a UPS store. ~by Talbone, Complaints Board 

 Alright, here's my experience. Camera broke because of lens error some time in September. Decided to send it to this website for repairs because I loved my camera and it cost a lot to get a new one and the warranty was over. Well, after weeks of sending in my camera, I never got a response. I kept writing to the company, to a woman named Christina who said parts for my camera was on order from overseas. I felt relieved I even got a response and I decided to wait a bit. 2 weeks go by, nothing. So, I write them again, no response. I was working for a lawfirm at the time, so I demanded a response before I take legal action. I finally get a response after a day. They even tried to call me.

Well, Mike calls and he talks for a long long time. He explained what was wrong with the camera. I had no idea what was wrong with it, and all the tech talk was a bit confusing. But he seemed friendly, hyper, and went on to explain how he fixed the lens, replaced this and that with overseas part, and even gave it a thorough cleaning. Which sounded great. But after a while he was trying to sell me a battery, and that went on for a bit. I didn't want to buy anything from them since I was already paranoid about the company returning my camera. He tells me to give my payment information and such. Apparently, they don't charge you until the service is complete. So, I was hesitant but i believed him. I gave him payment, and he said he will ship my camera back to me.

Surprisingly, I get the camera back a week later. [It took a total of 2 1/2 months to get it back from sending the camera in and getting it back] I decided to test the camera, it turns on, BUT when I take pictures. It's blurry all the time. So, I get the camera back but the quality is not what I expected for it to be fixed. It was almost as if this great broken camera started working again but became lower-end quality.

I would have tried or taken some legal action, but I was just glad to get my camera back. I wouldn't risk it though, I was 90% sure I was gonna get ripped off if it wasn't for my legal ties. The communication was shady, the phone call was weird, and trying to sell me something was just not cool. ~by Afrunkie, Complaints Board 

 I sent them my camera 3 months ago and so far all I get is email promises and lots of excuses about when my camera will be repaired. I now believe they have no intention of ever returning my camera so don't fall for the phony reviews. I have call them and Emailed them many many time and get nowhere. ~Bruster, Complaints Board

Beware! is a rip-off. These people have been “Shilling” as many digital camera sites and blogs as possible in order to get you to use their fake service. I’ve been ripped off by them along with others and we’re trying to post on every site they have “shilled” so no one else loses their money or their camera. They have a nice, innocent-looking website. When you try to check them out, you find all these positive postings which makes you think they’re legit, you send them your money for camera repairs, they instruct you to send your camera to Cameras and Parts, 1605 George Dieter, Suite 574, El Paso, Texas 79936 … then you wait, and wait and wait. Google Earth originally showed the address as a UPS store, then a mexican restaurant, then a pizza parlour. They generate automatic emails (via a Yahoo ecommerce storefront) … and they are all identical … they direct you to html pages that say delivery in 2 to 3 days, then later, 24 hours, then later back to 2 or 3 days … so when your camera doesn’t arrive, you try and email them at just like they say. You now get “automated” replies from “bubbly” people who don’t seem to exist like “Michelle” who starts out her emails with “Hi there!” and thanking you for your patience or “Peter” who wrote “I am looking into your order and there seems to have been a delay in the shipping of your camera. From my understanding it has nothing to do with the actual repair so let me see if I can get a hold of a technician for an ETA or a manager to go ahead and call you to get this all sorted out.” (Yeah Right). Face it folks, you’re not going to get your camera back and they already have your money. They have a phone number to call (915) 226-8296 which is an answering machine that tells you they are all “busy assisting other customers” and to leave a detailed message and they’ll get back to you. But the calls never come. It doesn’t matter when you call, you always get the recording. Decide for yourself but buyer beware … it is our opinion that is a total rip-off. ~ from My Biggest Complaint



I found out about the camera repair business Cameras and Parts through the internet and contacted them to find out about costs to repair my camera and packaged and mailed it to them for repair. I was contacted and given a quote for repair which I went ahead with. The call taker's name was Michael and he seemed friendly and chatty. During the call he kept mentioning about a collection agency his business used which I thought was a little strange. I paid with a credit card and was assured the camera would be repaired in a professional manner and returned to me with insurance coverage.
I received an email about a month later saying the camera has been shipped. I waited for a month and heard nothing back. I emailed and got a reply from an individual who identified themselves as Christina reassuring me that they were on top of the situation and that they could not issue a refund because if the camera showed up they would have to use that collection agency they always mention to collect the refund money. 

Another month has gone by and I email once again and get more reassurances from Christina that they will look into it and get back to me tomorrow. Time goes by and still nothing. I try to call Cameras and Parts and they have a dodgy phone answering machine that does not identify the business by name and offers a free gift card worth $100 for local restaurants and to press the digit 1. Pressing 1 gets you hung up on.
I email again and Michael phones me and tells me my camera is covered for up to $600 in insurance and if they have to they will even overnight ship me a new replacement camera but does not offer to do so.
I found out that other people have had similar experiences where Cameras and Parts takes the person's camera and money and returns neither.
I looked up Cameras and Parts on the El Paso BBB and found they have had 75 complaints in the last three years and have a score of F with the Better Business Bureau.
To sum up if you don't want to waste your time and money and get your camera repaired and returned to you in a timely manner stay far away from ~ from Ripoff report

Same as most of the others...sent them my G9 in July, still haven't seen it and it's mid-Novemember. Lots of emails and phone calls assuring me that it's being worked on. Parts missing, parts ordered, more wrong with than they originally thought, fixing for free, being shipped next week, being shipped tomorrow, being shipped later today, it's been shipped....still no camera. The even went so far as to send me a tracking number with the USPS...of course it doesn't actually track anything....

Pretty sure this is one guy in his basement, who gets cameras an parts them out to fix others...G9's with power issues seem pretty common, so there is probably one corner of his basement piled with them.

I'm shopping for a new camera now...out $99 and my non-functional G9. If you're considering using these guys, do yourself a favor and go to a local shop, or ship to Cannon directly. That or just smack your camera with a rock and send ME $99... ~
by Chris S.,
 THIS is a SCAM. I lost my camera and my money. When I didn't receive my camera in a month and a half, I contested the payment with PayPal. I got a call back from Mike and he was so "nice" and said he would expedite the repair, I just needed to go back to PayPal and have the dispute resolved. Once I did that, PayPal doesn't let you go back again. I lost the $$ and never got my camera! ~ Denise W.

 Complete and utter rip off. Send these jokers your camera at your peril. Ignore the positive reviews, they are posted by people in the employ of cameras and parts in a process known as shilling. It is well documented all over the web. Do some research and above all do not use this bunch of crooks. Have a nice day. ~ Ishmael C.

Satisfied customers DO NOT spend time telling the world
how satisfied they are about poor communication and non-existant
service. These are flunkies that are trying
to perpetuate the great SCAM they have going.
"My camera was really clean and the price is the best" Just more B.S.
At least GOOGLE MAP their address, call and email them. See for yourself.
They do not belong to the BBB for a good reason...Scammers never do.~ Jim S.


Don't be as foolish as I was; when they tell you there was a problem with your credit card and ask you to send a check instead, do not do it. With your credit card sale, there is recourse. If you send a check for the repair, you're just throwing your money away. It's been over two months and I don't believe I will ever see my camera or money again. Be smart and keep looking beyond camerasandparts for your camera repair. ~D.B.

I sent my Canon G9 for repair at the beginning of February 2011.

I received a call on Feb 16 saying the camera was in service. On March 1st I called and was told the engineer was out until Friday. On March 8 I was told the camera would be sent out in 2-3 days and would be upgraded to priority shipping.

I have not received my camera. I haven't received any emails from the company. Certainly no tracking numbers for the return shipping.

I have raised a dispute with paypal. I seriously wonder what is going on with this company. Everyone that has sent their camera to seems to have had serious problems, and the glowing praise that comes from the one time posters is obviously camerasandparts trying to drum up business for themselves.

I would never, EVER recommend this company to someone for camera repair. You'll wait months for the camera to be repaired, if it ever is - you may not see it again.~ Steve A


I'm confused by this company. Bottom line is I think it's a scam. I sent my G9 to them a year ago. Took three months but they fixed it....after many excuses. They made a REALLY BIG DEAL about trying to get me to post positive feedback on websites. They said they would supply the script. My camera broke after a drop and I sent it in again. They promised me a two day turn around, warranty repair if the drop sensor wasn't triggered, etc. It's been 4 months now. First the excuses again, then they were going to swap it with another repaired camera. Now they will not return my emails or call me. I too will get even with these shysters. They just better be careful next time they open a box! LOL. I too will contact the BBB, El Paso Sheriff's office, FBI and State Attorney's office. These people are garbage. I'm curious…if your camera were repaired and returned would you waste your time writing positive reviews about the company….something stinks! ~ Raymond J.
Stay away from this scam of a "business". All the reviews posted are employees of the company. If you google their address, it's a UPS store. They stole my camera and will NOT return my calls and or emails. The police department already has an open investigation into this company for internet scams. I had sent my camera in for a screen repair and they were very communicative when they wanted my money, but now hardly. STAY AWAY IF YOU EVER WANT TO SEE YOUR CAMERA AGAIN!!!!! ~ George C.,
 They have had my camera since Nov 2010, repeated phone calls and emails with no response except 2 emails saying they have sent this over to service
I think they have STOLEN my camera. ~ Kathy B. 
 For those who have a good transaction with Cameras And Parts, I'm happy for you.
I don't want to argue with other real or fake customers who are the employees of C&P.
But through my experience with them, if you didn't get your camera back after 2 months.
Just file a complain to the Better Business Bureau of El Paso here:

Just key in their number: 915-239-6199 to search for this scam company.
And also, call this number: 915-832-4436
To report white-collar crime or scam if you want to call it.

You can also complain to: UPS National Fraud Center, UPS El Paso, Yahoo, PayPal, MasterCard.

Other info about the customer service of C&P:
Your call will usually go into their voice mail. You'll not get a reply if you emailed them.
They might tell you they've shipped back your camera, but they won't give you a tracking number and tell you that they ship through a third party which name is unknown.

About myself: Shipped my camera 4 months ago to Camerasandparts. Did I finally get back my camera? No.
Think about it, will anyone who has nothing to do with C&P spend time writing bad things about them? Unless the employer has many enemies. It's up to you your judgment to believe or not. I just want to help other innocent customers.
Good Luck! ~ John M.

My canon G9 developed an error in January of this year. I chose to send it to for their advertised repair service. I mailed the camera to the address as requested on the order confirmation e-mail in January. After approximately two months with no camera and no information from the company, I did some research. I found all the terrible reviews such as those on this site as well as others. I became very suspicious of the company at that point. After several attempts, I was finally able to speak to an actual human known as Mike. He told me they were having difficulty locating the needed parts for the camera and explained all the things they could do to try to get the parts, which included checking overseas and with other repair shops. He said he would get back in touch with me, but never did. 
After some time, I called back and was eventually able to talk with Steve because Mike was out. He repeated what Mike had said and gave me some options: 1) continue to wait and see if they could get the parts; 2) cancel the order and the camera would be returned; 3) trade the camera for store credit. I elected to give it some more time, but remained suspicious. Steve assured me he would call back. 
Well, June rolled around and I still had not been contacted by Steve or Mike. I called and eventually was able to talk to Steve again. He promised to call me back with more information the next day. I pointedly made him aware of my distrust in him because of the empty promises from before and my displeasure with the customer service provided by his company in general because there was never follow-through on their end. His reply was "I give you my word as a man that I will call you back tomorrow." He didn't.
 I was able to get in touch with him two days later. He told me he would check my records and call me back. I was not willing to wait on a return call because I had never received one from them up to that point and I let him know that. He generously offered to call the police because I was "harassing" him. I caved and accepted a call-back. He called a few minutes later. I told him to mail the camera back. He asked if I had any sentimental attachment to the camera and offered store credit. He kept suggesting I take store credit for the camera. I told him I did not have any sentimental attachment to the camera but simply wanted to know that it still existed. He said he would take pictures of it and e-mail them. He told me the camera was a paperweight and again suggested I take store credit and they could use it for parts. I chose the camera instead. 
 Well, I got "a" camera back yesterday. It is a G-9. The body ID number matches that of the original paperwork, but I think they switched out the cameras and sent a different camera with my camera body. It only requires the removal of a handful of screws and the body pops off. The camera body did not match up to the ports on the side of the camera. There was an extreme amount of wear on the zoom dial (which is not part of the body), much more that was on our camera. It also appeared that there had been heavy use of external flash on the camera (again, not part of the camera body); we have never owned or used an external flash or any other attachment with the camera. I wholeheartedly believe my camera was switched out for a camera in much worse condition. After all, they do sell refurbished G9's on their website. I expect no compensation and I never expect even a reply from this company. I did try to contact them but, as you probably could guess, I could not get a call through to anyone and I refuse to leave a message. I simply wanted them to know of my suspicions. But, I'm sure they will read about them here. This is my experience with I can't comment on any comments on this or other websites. ~ B.H.
Will not ship my repaired camera for over 6 weeks.
Shipped my Canon G9 camera (purchased for $450 in 2008) for repairs on August 22nd, 2013 under order # yhst-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX-XXXX with a check for $89.00 for repairs. Received order confirmation call on August 23rd, 2013 with possible fraudulent information claiming the business repairs 30,000-40,000 Canon cameras per month, 3,000-4,000 of my particular model. USPS tracking on delivery confirmed delivery of my camera to business on August 26th. 2013. After no communication with the company, I made an email inquiry on September 13th. My yahoo order page status was updated to show "Shipping in 1-2 weeks". After waiting 2 weeks with no update, I made an email inquiry on September 27th. An email signed by ************* arrived in response claiming an update is pending on my order which I should see in 24 hours. No update occurred, so I made an email inquiry on October 1st and 4th. My yahoo order page was updated on October 4th stating my camera is shipping in 1-2 days. I did not receive my camera. I made further email inquiries on October 8th, 10th, and 14th for a delivery confirmation number for my camera. After no response, I called on Thursday, October 10th and was told by a gentleman that they only deliver on Wednesdays and Saturdays and that my camera would definitely ship on Saturday. He said that the repairs were all made on my camera and that it was ready to ship. He stated that if I made an email inquiry, I could get a delivery confirmation number. I made several email inquiries for the delivery confirmation number with no response from company. On Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013, I emailed the company that my camera had not arrived yet. The company responded that I should definitely receive my camera that week but my inquiries for a delivery confirmation number were ignored. On October 24th, my yahoo order status page was updated to "Shipped". On October 28th, I made an email inquiry for the delivery confirmation number. A response by the company indicated I would get the confirmation number within 24 hours. On October 29th, a USPS delivery confirmation number of XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XX was added to my yahoo order page. The package tracking page on USPS showed that the package with that number was in "pre-shipment" and had not actually been received by the post office. I made an email inquiry on Friday, November 1st stating my concerns. A response from the company stated that my camera would absolutely ship on Monday, November 4th. I made email inquiries on November 6th and 8th. On November 8th, the company responded that the order did not "clear an address verification which did not clear the order for shipping" and that they were working to get it resolved. An email later that day from the company claimed the issue was resolved and the camera would be at my house by the next week. I made email inquiries on November 12th and 13th. On November 13th, the company responded that the shipment went through and if I didn't have a camera by the end of the week, they "will do a claim on the shipment". I did not receive my camera, and I filed this complaint to the BBB on November 18th, 2013. ~ from Better Business Bureau, El Paso, TX


The business Cameras and Parts is not fulfilling it's commitment to deliver the camera I sent in for repair and are using deceptive techniques.
I initially mailed my camera with insurance coverage to Cameras and Parts on June 5, 2013 after e-mailing for shipping and repair information. I was given an order number yhst-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX-XXXX. On July 9, 2013 I was billed $146.45 which included shipping back to me and received an e-mail on July 16th. that the camera has been shipped. I waited for over a month and e-mailed on August 22nd. and received an e-mail signed by ********* that they would be looking into it. I waited and heard nothing from Cameras and Parts. I e-mailed again on September 16th. and was given assurances that they would be looking into it and could not give me a refund using the excuse that if the camera did eventually come they would have to collect from me with a collection agency they used. I had some issues with my phone line so they phoned me at my alternate cell phone number and a man named ******* reassured me that I was covered by their insurance for up to $600 and they could do overnight shipping of a new camera but didn't offer to do that. I attempted to phone the Cameras and Parts telephone number listed on their website XXX-XXX-XXXX and got a recorded message that only stated that I could get a $100 dollar gift certificate for local restaurants and to press 1. I waited and the phone did not ring through to a live person, so I phoned back and tried pressing 1 when prompted and was disconnected. I have contacted **** to have a dispute put in for the money I paid Cameras and Parts. I would like to have my camera returned no matter what condition it is in whether repaired or not. I have waited almost three months and have got the run around when trying to get straight answers about my camera. Cameras and Parts has failed to give good quality service in a timely manner and has broken its promises time and time again. I did some research online and found other people who have had similar experiences to mine. If Cameras and Parts can't deliver on its mandate of fair and honest customer service it should seriously think about whether it should remain in business.
~from Better Business Bureau, El Paso, TX
~~~ did not return my camera G12 after 6 months of waiting.
On March 27th 2013, I have sent my payment via VISA ($118.95) to ******************* (order yhst-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX-XXXX) to repair my Camera G12. They said they can fix every problem.

On April 4th 2013, I have sent my camera to ******************** They confirmed that they received my camera on *** 13th.

After a few e-mails exhange, I have asked several times to send my camera back and they did not. First, they told me it was related to a piece of the camera ordered from overseas. Second, they told me that I said that I was supposed to pick the camera directly at their office but I have never confirmed that.

On september 22th, I have sent them an e-mail telling them that I will make a complaint if they don't send my camera back.

It's been 6 months now and they don't want to send my camera back and they don't reply all my e-mails. - from Better Business Bureau, El Paso, TX
~~ states that hey have shipped me back my camera, however they haven't provided evidence.
Looking for repairing the failing flash from my Canon G9 (Serial Number: 641320726) on June 15th I placed a repairment order at for a total cost of $89. The order was paid by check (*******************) and the order number associated to this order was: ****************
By June 19th, they received the camera and the payment (*********Bank Check number ****** cleared on 6/21/2013). By July 2nd I emailed them in order of knowing about the repairmen status, they answered me that I had to contact them because billing issues. I called them to the phone they instructed me and ****, (the person that attended my call) found that because to unknown reasons they hadn't registered correctly the payment, he kindly apologized and assured me that in three days they will be sending me back the camera repaired. On July 12th I requested them the camera's shipment status and they stated that the camera was already shipped (Via Priority mail).
Later on I requested them a tracking number in order to trace the shipment, however I didn't received it. By July 18th the camera hasn't arrived yet, however because I had to travel to the states I couldn't continue giving the proper follow up. At my return (August 2nd) I went to my local postal office to inquire about the delivery, however they oriented me that with the lack of a tracking number they couldn't help me much at this date I called them and left a voice mail and sent and e-mail.
Since, I've tried communicate by phone and by e-mail and they only answered me when I wrote from a different e-mail address. The last reply was from ********* on August 5th and she stated that will be looking in their records in order to figure what could happened and assured me that they will be providing me the tracking number. At this date 8/10/2013 I haven't received evidence that they shipped back my camera.
I'm very concerned because at this date I haven't received my camera back and camera and parts has failed in providing evidence about the return of my camera and I'm beginning to believe that they haven't shipped it back nor repaired. I'm afraid I've lost my money and my camera.

I've discovered on the internet several complaints about this business, and at this moment I'm distrusting about the honesty of camera and parts.

Any help you can provide me will be appreciated.
~ from Better Business Bureau, El Paso, TX

THERE ARE MANY MORE COMPLAINTS but you get the idea about how dishonest (Cameras and is.

All for now,

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7/14/14. Sent camera in September 2013. I write to them at least once a week. They do not respond.
Acct. no. yhst-60076716426271-4521