Saturday, February 1, 2014

ARCHITECTURE: House of Philippine National Artist Ramon Obusan

Saturday, I visited the house of Philippine National Artist Ramon Obusan in Manila near the airport. The internationally acclaimed choreographer, dancer, stage designer and artistic direcor had built a cluster of three houses on land that belonged to his family. Obusan used antique pieces and designed the houses to look old.

Ramon Obusan's sister, Dulce Obusan, kindly allowed me to visit sections of the houses which are not usually open to visitors -- thank you Dulce.

I fell in love with the energy of the place! The place charmed and enchanted me. There were musicians, dancers, directors, and students around the place.  The place zinged with creativity.  You felt it, the second you saw the gorgeous house in front.

The pictures show some friends from high school days; the bottom picture shows Dulce standing next to the portrait of Ramon Obusan.

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