Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It's Raining in Fiji Paradise!

It's raining in Fiji, dear Readers. It started raining yesterday afternoon, a soft rain in this warm weather. It was very pleasant in fact. We took a cab to the small touristy village nearby and had dinner at a Cajun restaurant.  Lauren swears their chili was the best he's ever had.  The village complex has a post office, supermarket, shops, cafes, restaurants, and these sprawl out with a lagoon and ponds in the complex.  Lovely!

The rain continued today but undaunted we walked to town to pick up a few things at the supermarket and to have the best fish and chips.  There were four busloads of cruise ship folks who filled the place like locusts; the ship came from Australia. Their stop was part of an Authentic Fijian Tour, and the Fijians had their drummers and singers and dancers in that shopping complex.

Back in our apartment, the rain drove one of the outdoor cats into our place -- Cali is the name we gave her, a calico cat, one of two who hang around outside.

We actually swam in the pool and the hot tub despite the rain.

I love the rain in fact. It makes me think of the novel, The Wild Sargasso Sea, which is set in the Caribbean.

Oh, the tropics, the tropics -- I  thrive in this hot and humid weather!

P.S. Some members of our party went surfing and got sunburned yesterday. They have learned that vinegar is an excellent salve to abort further damage to the skin.  Coconut oil is also very good.

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