Friday, February 14, 2014

Dining with More Friends and a Dog Named Shakira!

Here are a few more pictures with friends:
Top photo was taken in Makati, l-r: Cecilia, Cynthia Posa, Mila Santillan, Marily Orosa;

Next photo shows a group celebrating the birthdays of Inday Blanco and Terry Manguerra. The far right of the picture, r-l: Chinggay Utzurrum, Cecilia, Inday Blanco, Terry Manguerra

Next shows a picture of the trio, l-r: Terry Manguerra, Inday Blanco, Chinggay Utzurrum

The following pictures show a group having dinner in Cebu, l-r: Louie Nacorda, Father Romeo Desuyo, Hope Saban Yu, Cecilia, Terry Manguerra, Chona Bernad, Lynley Ocampo, Nilo Ylanan
The young man is Hope's relative, and the dog is Shakira, who belongs to Father Desuyo.  Or perhaps it's Father Desuyo who belongs to Shakira.

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