Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tropical Storm in Fiji Continues

It's still raining in Fiji. In fact there was a cyclone warning earlier today. There are two tropical depressions which are expected to create a cyclone over the weekend.  The people are warned to move to higher ground; all sorts of preparations are in place.

Meanwhile we sit in our Fiji Palms paradise place. Tourist trips and the barbecue dinner have been cancelled. We had brown outs off and on throughout the day.

We walked under the rain for a while, until it became stronger, and then we hunkered down in our apartment.  One of the cats outside, Cali, moved inside with us.

It's not as grim as it sounds because it's still pretty outside.  It's a fine excuse to read and write.  It's 78 degrees warm, so it's by no means cold. Just wet. And ambient. This setting may come in handy in some story one day.

The pictures show lobster dinner last night, and "storm" shots. 

This is all for now,

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