Sunday, February 16, 2014

Resting Today!

I'm resting today after the long flight!

First, there was the two-hour flight from Cebu to Hong Kong, followed by an hour's layover, then the 11 1/2 hour flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, followed by the 1 hour customs processing at LAX.  They have a new system in place that requires passengers to walk far from the airplane to a long line waiting to have your passport checked by officers. After that you get your luggage and join another long line to have still another officer quizz you if you have anything to declare. The ones he suspects of lying need to have their suitcases x-rayed -- that's another line too.

A young military wife with two dogs in containers aside from her bags almost went ballistic, until fortunately the military made phone calls and she was placed in a priority line.

The rest of us shuffled through the tedious lines.

All for now,

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