Monday, May 25, 2015

France Brittany: St. Vincent Ferrer in Cathedral of Vannes

Remains of St. Vincent Ferrer in the Cathedral of Vannes, Brittany

This is about St. Vincent Ferrer, Spanish saint who died and is buried in Vannes, Brittany.

I grew up hearing about St. Vicente Ferrer but knew little about him. Some friends who learned I was touring Brittany told me to be sure and visit his burial site in Vannes, which I did.

My companions and I drove to the walled Medieval city of Vannes and went to the Cathedral. There was a choral practice going on, and the singing made the experience lovelier.  I had no idea where to find St. Vincent Ferrer's burial site. I visited the various altars but could not find his name. I thought he might be buried in the crypt but had no idea how to get there. Fortunately I spotted a nun exiting the sacristy and waved at her. She guided me to a side altar on the left side of the main altar where the remains of St. Vincent are kept.  There is a portrait of him as well.  

I am sharing the pictures I took of the wall of Vannes, one of the entrances into the medieval city, the cathedral doors, and St. Vinccent's altar and remains.

My friend, Louie Nacorday wrote this of St. Vincent Ferrer:

"He is a Thaumaturgist (one of the few). He was a Dominican priest who is known for miracles of all sorts. He is popular in Spain and in many other Catholic countries in Europe. He was half Spanish half British."

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