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Restaurant Review: Dog in a Restaurant! - Bistro des Artistes, Honfleur, France

Despite the compact size of the seaside place of Honfleur, it has numerous restaurants, galleries, and shops.  The manager of the apartment we stayed at recommended the following restaurants:

1. Au Boillon Normand
2. Bistro des Artistes
3. Bistro du port
4. Cap 42
5. La Commanderie
6. L'Ecailleur
7. L'Endroit
8. L'Homme de Bois
9. Le Gambetta

On our first night we ate at an outdoor restaurant with a lovely view of the basin where the boats moored. I don't recall the name; it was pleasant but the food was unremarkable.

The second night, we decided to eat at the Bistro des Artistes, which was directly in front of our apartment. It's a very small but charming place with a resident dog staying there. I guess he belongs to the owner as he is very comfortable and very friendly.  We laughed of course thinking how the US officials would get hysterical over having a dog in a restaurant.  In any case the dog, named after a gopher --- I could not get the French name --- was very sweet and well-behaved.

Our meal at the Bistro des Artistes was superb! Two of us had duck, the third had lamb and we were all very happy over our food. The duck was sweet, tender, and was a generous size (a big duck, I imagine). I tasted the lamb and that was also wonderful - tender, flavorful, rubbed with salt. Our wine was exquisite; it was an award-winning bottle from the South of France.

We had a lovely time at the Bistro des Artistes and highly recommend it.

P.S. The weather continues to be cloudy, wet, and cold, but we are having a wonderful time. Everything is very green, and the houses and buildings are very charming.

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