Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Travel France: When to Visit Paris

Mid-June through August are the peak season months for visiting France.

The shoulder season runs from September to mid-June and from September to October. the off season months are November through March.

I've been in France during high season and tourists swarm the city. Lines to get into museums and other sites are incredibly long. Hotel prices and entrance tickets are at their highest. Some places were punishshingly hot even at night.

I've visited during the shoulder season, and there are fewer tourists and shorter lines. At the same time, hotel and entrance prices have gone down. However the weather has also turned and it's colder weather, with more clouds and rain.

I have grown impatient with the tourist crowd and prefer the shoulder season.

This May, for instance, the weather is turning out very pleasant. Ten days ago, it was  rainy and cold in Normandy and Britanny, but in the last few days it's warmed up, and here in Paris, it is sunny and around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The days are long, too, and one can feel people's excitement that summer will soon be here.

However, Paris is now crowded with tourists, and I miss the quiet we had two weeks ago when the tourists had not descended in full force.

What's my advise to tourists who want to visit France?

If you can, come in early May and in late October. You won't have the glorious weather of summer, but you'll avoid the crowds.

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