Friday, May 1, 2015

Travel Pictures - Lions of Kenya, Africa

I was going through some travel pictures and came across these photos of lions in Kenya. We were there in 2010, and a good thing we went on that Safari because I'm not sure we'll be going back there any time soon.

To appreciate these pictures, you need to click on each photo to make it big, and study the image because there's something going on in each one.  I'll try to guide you by my comments.

The lions took it easy in the Savannah. They were clearly on top of the food chain and could saunter about as they pleased, including where the tourist vans were parked.

Our driver/guide brought us to what looked like a clump of bushes, but on second look, there were lions there. Note that the eyes of the lioness below are open. She was watching us just as carefully as we were watching her. Our guide said, never, never think they are sleeping because they could just leap up and attack.

Here's a lion and his pride along the side of the road where the tourist vans were quickly gathering. The drivers/tourists guides alert other drivers so they know where the animals are in the huge game park.

A lion and a lioness are resting in the Savannah. In the picture below, you can see some cubs playing with their Dad.  Look carefully because the father lion is smiling.

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