Friday, May 22, 2015

Travel France: Brittany, Pont-Aven - Commune of Gauguin, Impressionists

Marker at Pont-Aven indicating the laundry area that Gauguin had painted. I took a picture of the same location, above.

Today we left Quimper to head toward Carnac, but along the way, we meandered through charming villages. There was a market in one place, and we stopped to take pictures and buy a few things. We saw many lovely places, but I'm going to focus on one place that was spectacular -- Pont-Aven.

This is a small village near the coast with a river running through it.  The impressionist painters, Emile Bernard, Paul Gauguin, and Paul Serusier had frequented Pont-Aven, and they attracted other artists to the area. The commune of artists was collectively called the Pont-Aven school. 

Now, there is a Pont-Aven School of Contemporary Art and many artists are drawn to the place.

I'm sharing some pictures of Pont-Aven. Click on each picture to make it bigger.
As I took the pictures, I could see how such scenes inspired artists. The images are simply gorgeous.

The following writeup is from the Musee d'Orsay: (click on the picture to make it bigger)

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