Thursday, May 14, 2015

Travel France: Rain in Rouen and Sunshine in Honfleur

France greeted us with rain!

Honfleur, l-r: Lauren, Cecilia, Doug in front of St. Catherine's Church

It was wet and cold in Rouen when we visited the site where St. Joan of Arc was burned at the stake (now the Church of St. Joan of Arc), theMedieval Clock above an archway, and the massive Cathedral of Rouen.

Strangely, when we visited Rouen many years ago, it had also rained, but this time the rain was stronger and colder.

From Rouen, we drove to La Havre and crossed the dramatic bridge of Normandy to Honfleur.  What had been a small fishing port has now become very touristy with wall to wall visitors. The town of Honfleur remains charming, but I wish there were less visitors crowding the place.

We arrived today and headed out to tour these places, so we've been on the go for over 24 hours.  I'm feeling punchy so I'm calling it the night. (Oh, the sun was still up at 9 p.m. here in Honfleur -- how lovely!)

I've posted the pictures starting with those taken in Honfleur because the weather was nicer and things looked brighter.  The Rouen pictures follow.

Lauren in front of  St. Catherine's bell tower, built separtely from the church.

The incredibly beautiful basin (harbor) of Honfleur with fishing boats, buildings. There are restaurants and shops nearby. This harbor used to inspire many of the French Impressionist painters.

What follows were taken in Rouen where it rained. 

Cecilia in front of the Church of St. Joan of Arc

Lauren in front of the Church of St. Joan of Arc

Tudor-style buildings near the Church of St. Joan of Arc  

The Medieval Clock of Rouen

Lauren in front of the Cathedral of Rouen

This is all for now. We continue our tour of Normandy tomorrow!

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