Sunday, August 25, 2013

Coming up - Brazil!!! by Cecilia Brainard


I wonder about the Copacabana
Ipanema too
if the boy is still tall and tan
and handsome
tiny string bikinis
wrapping around
sandy bodies
Christ on the mount
reaching out

Black Orpheus movie ...
shacks cascading
people with the Zamba beat
the Rio Negro swirling
midnight water
ferocious mosquitoes
in the Amazon

Will the churches
of Salvador,
Bahia food,
the mighty Iguazu
surprise me?

Will I learn to say
Nao entendi
Tudo bem?
bom dia
boa tarde
boa noite?

Stay tuned, dear Readers!!! 

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P.S. I've got my Cutter's Deet-free insect repellant!

The photos of Brazil above are courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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