Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Two Organizations helping the Children of Syria - re War of Syria

There is a global campaign to raise awareness about the current situation of Syrian's children.

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Save the Children in London is also helping the Syrian children.  Following is a testimony that  is part of Save the Children's publication based on interviews of Syrian refugees, Untold Atrocities: The Stories of Syria's Children:

RAZAN (Mother)

I was walking home in Kark, Dera'a. I came behind two armed men and overheard them taking bets on something. They were planning to use something for target pratice. When they then agreed on the bets I realized they were talking about an eight-year-old boy who was playing alone on the road. I realised too late -- one of them had taken the bet and shot him in the head. Everyone ran and the street was deserted.

The child was lying on the street, I couldn't move. It wasn't a clean shot and he didn't die straight away. It took hours. his mother was inside the house on the same street and she was screaming. She wanted to reach her child, but the men kept firing into the street and taunting the mother: "you can't get to your child, you can't get to your child."

He died alone on the street outside his home.
Save the Children
1 St. John's Lane
London ECIM 4AR

Photos courtesy of The Syrian Revolution 2011 

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