Sunday, August 4, 2013

Shopping Spree in Old Quebec! by Cecilia Brainard

Day 3 in Quebec:

Last night we had the anticipated 10-course dinner at Restaurant L'Initiale. We were slightly disappointed that we were assigned a private room; in fact, we wanted to see the other guests. The dishes came one after another, elegantly presented, small lovely portions so you didn't feel stuffed: radish and leeks; smoked sturgeon and raspberries; Jerusalem artichokes and girolles mushrooms; mackarel with vinegar rose; seared foie gras; loin of bison; rhubard, apricot, brioche; le zacharie cloutier de l'Estrire; Chantilly chocolate from Ghana and pain de Genes cocoa; lemon sorbet, strawberries and cormier syrup.

I enjoyed the seared foie gras and loin of bison most of all.

From the restaurant we went to the boardwalk to watch the fireworks.  (I will mention that the California viewers are more enthusiastic and clap and cheer at fireworks display.  The audience last night was somewhat quiet and formal.)

Today, Sunday, we heard Mass at the Notre Dame Cathedral. It was in French, and the cantor had a nice voice and did a good job leading the congregation. There were a lot of tourists and the cantor and priest made it a point to speak a few words in English.

We had brunch in a cafe along rue Saint Jean, followed by shopping on the same street. Many shops have a sale of summer clothes and we had a lot of choices. Needless to say, we lost it and bought clothes and shoes that we really don't need. (But anyway, what does need have to do with shopping?!)

 Vieux Cite overflows with tourists during the weekend, and like them we wandered along the old cobble and brick stones in the midst of antique buildings, some dating to the 1600s.

It continues to drizzle now and then and so my pictures aren't that great, but here are some shots of the American Embassy, the boardwalk, Chateau Frontenac, and other pictures.

We are at this moment resting, having French wine and snacks and watching CNN.


Old Quebec remains one of my favorite places!  I can imagine myself spending time here to do some writing, but not in the winter as it gets bitterly cold.

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