Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pictures of Friends - Eric Lachica, Brenda Arroyo, Mayen Tan

 Whenever I visit the Philippines, I see my friends.

Top photo is Eric Lachica and me, taken in front of Mesa Restaurant in Makati.Years ago, Eric and I were involved in the anti-Marcos movement in Los Angeles. Eric is now an officer of the US Medicare PH Inc.  (

In Cebu, I had lunch with the writer, Mayen Tan. She recently resigned from her editorial position at The Freeman in Cebu. Mayen is looking forward to travelling and spending more time with her family. 

Also in Cebu's Ayala Mall, I ran into college chum, Brenda Nuval Arroyo and her husband Paul. After a whirlwind romance Brenda and Paul got married two years ago. They lived in Melbourne, Australia but now they're in Quezon City.

There will be more pictures of my friends, dear Readers, so bear with me. They are what make visiting the Philippines wonderful.

I flew into Manila today so this blog entry is late and short.

More the next time,

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I am honored to know Cecilia Brainard even only through the media. I'm proud to be her fellow Cebuana.