Thursday, November 13, 2014

Creative Writing: The World of My Novel-in-Progress in Pictures

More on my writing: Pictures help stimulate my imagination and I'm sharing some photos that date (more or less) from the era of my novel-in-progress - 1909.  

These images help me visualize the world of my characters so I am able to imagine the clothes they wear, the room and streets that they move in. I know for instance that there were street lights, that there were horse carriages and a few cars, that there were trains. I know that most women wore long traditional Filipina dresses; a few wore the Edwardian slimmer look.  

What I discover in my writing is that what seems "long ago" isn't really so. Even though we now have internet and other modern trappings, the basics remain: women still dress to look pretty, children still play with dogs and toys, people still work; musicians entertain; families spend time together.

Writing is very educational.

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