Monday, November 3, 2014

San Miguel Allende, Mexico: House & Garden Tour

Most Sundays, the Biblioteca (the library) hosts house and garden tours in San Miguel Allende.  We did this last Sunday, visiting three places: the Hacienda del Angel, an Equestrian Center, and the Casa Cruces.

La Biblioteca is the center of American and Canadian ex-pat activities.  There are some 10,000 ex-pats residing in San Miguel. The overall San Miguel population is approximately 80,000.

I'm sharing pictures I took of the hacienda, the equestrian center, and the Casa Cruces, which was ablaze in color. I love the tile work in the kitchens and bathrooms. I also love the fountains that seem to be in every house here in San Miguel.

Last night, we headed to the Pantheon, the old cemetery, to experience more of the Day of the Dead activities. Families visit their dead and set up altars with offerings during this time. Unfortunately, we arrived the cemetery after closing time.

Tip to tourists who visit San Miguel for the Day of the Dead: Don't wait until nighttime, visit the cemeteries on Nov. 1 in the afternoon.

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