Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Muslim Queen Rania Says No to ISIL - #ISIS, #QueenRania, #MiddleEast

It's not very often I read of Muslims speaking out against ISIL, and so it was refreshing to learn that Queen Rania of Jordan spoke out against ISIL at a recent Abu Dhabi Media Summit:

 "A minority of irreligious extremists is using social media to rewrite our narrative and hijack our anatomy. That's what ISIS is doing to the Arab world and all of us," she said.

She also commented on social media's postings of ISIS's violent propaganda (beheadings, rape, and so on):

"These images don't represent me anymore than they represent you. They're alien and abhorrent to the vast majority of Arabs -- Muslims and Christians. And they should make every Arab across the region seethe. Because they're an attack on our values as a people and on our collective story.


"This is their (ISIS) version of the Arab world's story, their plot, their narrative, their heroes, and the rest of the world is listening and watching." She added that silence of moderate Arabs makes them complicit in ISIS' success.

"We must create a new narrative and broadcast it to the world. Because if we don't decide what our identiy is and what our legacy will be the extremists will do it for us," she said.

Queen Rania of Jordan is the Queen Consort of Jordan, married to King Abdulla II of Jordan. According to Wikipedia, she was "ranked as the most beautiful consort (or first lady) in the world by Harpers and Queen Magazine in 2011. She is an advocate for education; she uses social media for intercultural dialogue.

Source: Al Arabiya Nes, Nov. 19, 2014

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