Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Case of the 43 Missing Students - #Mexico, #MissingStudents

When I was in San Miguel Allende, Mexico, there were protests demanding justice for the 43 students who disappeared last September 26 after an altercation with police in Guerrero, Mexico. The mayor of Iguala, Jose Luis Abarca, and his wife reportedly ordered local police to prevent the students from disrupting an event the wife was holding that night.

It has recently been revealed that the 43 students had been massacred by criminals on police orders. The students were loaded on to trucks, murdered at a landfill, their bodies burned, and their remains dumped into a river.

There have been major protests in Mexico over the matter. The mayor of Iguala, his wife, and others have been arrested.

Mexican anger over the disappeared students spilled over when the Mexican Attorney General, Murillo Karam, snapped during a press conference saying in Spanish, "Enough. I'm tired." Further, the current Mexican First Lady is implicated in some nefarious deal involving her purchase of their multi-million dollar mansion from a Mexican company with ties to a Chinese firm.

It seems to me fantastic that 43 people could vanish just like that. I'm sure there were witnesses and a lot of people complicit with what had happened to them. Many are guilty.

Imagine your outrage if your son or daughter were one of the 43 students!

The photos are from my collection; I took them in San Miguel Allende.

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