Tuesday, November 4, 2014

San Miguel Allende, Mexico: Important Landmarks in San Miguel

We've had unusually cold evenings in San Miguel, a surprise to many tourists who can be seen with layered clothing. It's relatively warm in the daytime (in the 70's) but when the sun sets, the temperature goes down to around 50 degrees.

It's Monday after the Day of the Dead festivities, and many tourists have left. The city is relatively quiet; it remains charming with great restaurants and the shopping is great.  Streets and parks have been cleaned up. San Miguel has their tourism business down pat.

Monday evening, there was Bingo at the Milagro Bar on Relox, a fundraiser by local expats.

Here are pictures of important landmarks in the center of San Miguel Allende.

San Francisco Church

Ignacio de Allende statue

Church of Our Lady of Good Health

Interior Our Lady of Good Health

Oratorio de San Felipe Neri

Grandstand in the Jardine

Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel

The Jardine

House of Ignacio Allende

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