Friday, November 7, 2014

Some Treasures from San Miguel Allende, Mexico - #Shopping

Do you remember the San Pasqual statue that I bought in Beaune, France?  San Pasqual (or Pascual), you will recall, is the patron saint of the kitchen, and my French San Pasqual sits on the ledge of my kitchen picture window, guarding my cooking.

In San Miquel Allende, I found a painting on wood by a local artist, Enrique Badillo, and I had to buy it. The painting of the good saint is on mesquite wood, and the artist signed it in my presence.

I'm excited about this find! The wood painting was tucked away in the shop of Mr. Badillo, which is located in the Mercado Artesanias. I had asked the woman attending me if they had a San Pasqual, and she said no. I bought a couple of other items, and while she wrapped those, I walked around the shop, and there, dusty and hidden away in a corner was the wood painting of San Pasqual!

So now, my cooking really can't go bad with two San Pasquals guarding me.

 The shopping in San Miguel was terrific and if space hadn't been a problem, I would have bought more items. I acquired quite a lot (local artisan products were really quite inexpensive) - including huge handmade mugs and these whimsical coconut head faces. Maybe someone in the Philippines can be inspired to make these coconut head faces; they are very charming. The artists use the tops of the coconut shell with what looks like paper mache and hand paint them. During my last visit to San Miguel I had bought some of these coconut heads and hung them on a wall (picture included).  This time I got ten and the vendor gave me an extra one.

 I have a lot of catching up to do, dear Readers, so this all for now. Have a great Friday and weekend.

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