Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Mercado Artesanias in San Miguel Allende, Mexico

Today started with a lovely brunch, after which members of our group spent some time doing their own thing. We've all been to San Miguel Allende and so we don't feel compelled to see the tourist sights. After relaxing, I took off to for the Mercado de Artesanias where shopping is great. The things for sale are folk crafts of ceramic, pewter, metalwork, embroidered clothes and many, many more. The prices are terrific, especially when compared to those in the tourist shops.

The house I'm staying in is walking distance to the center of town and I'm sharing some pictures taken during my walk to and from the Mercado.  There's a shop with Halloween decorations, the front of a building, a church, the Mercado, and three children in Halloween costumes.  The children are running around in interesting Halloween garb - witches and brides among many. There's also a picture of us having lunch at Rama's and one with Lauren and me gone native!

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