Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween from San Miguel Allende, Mexico

Happy Halloween from San Miguel Allende, Mexico!

There are a number of Halloween events going on, including a parade of children in costumes. Here are pictures of some of the children and grownups in costume at the Jardine in front of the Parroquia San Miguel Arcangel.  The church was lit up and looked glorious with the moon above. There were families with their children in costume; some mothers were also in costume. It was festive with teenagers dancing in the plaza grand stand, and families with their costumed children promenading in the park. People were very generous in allowing me to take pictures of them and/or their children.

Note the bottom picture of two sisters seated on the sidewalk. Their brother balked and ran away from the two.  I managed to steal a picture of him alone and pissed that I took his picture.

The last two pictures with the Gigantes were taken at another plaza where some ritual went on conducted by a Medicine Woman of sorts. It was more fun at the Jardin with the mariachi bands and costumed children.

Happy Halloweeen!

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