Monday, October 20, 2014

Frankfurt, Germany: Dinner with Dr. Michaela Keck

 In Frankfurt, Germany, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Michaela Keck, from the Institute of English and American Studies at the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg, Germany.

Michaela and I had never met before, but we had such an easy time together and ended up talking for hours, until the cafe closed in fact.

Since she had reviewed one of my book projects, Angelica's Daughters, a collaborative novel I co-authored, she talked of she had been teaching in Taiwan when Pilipinas Journal contacted her to review the novel.

The other authors of Angelica's Daughters and I,  were/are grateful to Michaela for her keen and generous review of the novel.  The co-authors of the novel (Cecilia Brainard, Erma Cuizon, Susan Evangelista, Veronica Montes, and Nadine Sarreal) were happy that Michaela appreciated and understood the challenges and nuances of our undertaking. While we had fun writing the book, it was not easy, since we had to "merge" our minds together, so to speak, and open ourselves to what the Muse would give us. We never could control the novel and in fact, Michaela missed that certain "freedom" when we rewrote it into a "cohesive whole" to please our publisher.  Michaela understood, perfectly, the beauty of the roughness of such a collaborative undertaking.

Please click here to read her review of Angelica's Daughters. Here's another link for the review. Here's the link for more information about Angelica's Daughters. The novel is light and fun, as it was intended to be. It has received other very good reviews aside from Michaela's.

Hi, Michaela, it was a wonderful and stimulating evening with you!

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