Sunday, October 5, 2014

Turkey, the World is Watching You Regarding Kobani in Syria #Kobani

Turkey, so-called NATO member, while you watch KOBANI
the world is watching YOU!

From Twitter #Kobani -10/5/14

"A female #YPG fighter named Arin Markin carried out a suicide bomb attack on an #ISIS tank close to #Kobani today after running out of ammo."

"Latest rumours from #kobani, border cleared of witnesses, town shelled by Turkey, #YPJ has initiated suicide attacks against #ISIS."

 "Journalists putting anti tear gas masks afater #Turkish army through tear gases near #Kobani boarder."

"Any time US jets wants hit the ISIS tanks in #Kobani, Turkish army sending msg to ISIS to prevent."

"An ISIS terrorist walking in a town of #Turkey near border freely. "

"Turkish military wants the villages across #Kobani to evacuate because "they are not safe anymore"

"MaNy more tweets that say Turkey is shelling YPG/YPJ positions around #Kobani."
MORE go to Twitter #Kobani and #Kobane

Some photos showing support of Kobani, worldwide:


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