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October Saturday in Paris - #ParisFrance

I had a very busy Saturday in Paris which started with a some sightseeing with Marily Orosa and Medy Cruz. After checking out the Notre Dame and surroundings, we went to Les Editeurs (4 Carrefour de L'Odeon, 75006) where we had lunch with the writer Bonnie Arcache Melvin. Les Editeurs is a favorite hangout for Paris publishers and other literary people. The restaurant has bookshelves filled with books given to the restaurant by their literary patrons.  The downstairs area feels like most other Cafes in Paris, but the second story has a cozy feeling like a study.  That's where we had our lovely lunch.

I was particularly delighted to meet Bonnie. As Filipina writers, we have known and been in touch with each other. We have been involved in books projects.  Once Bonnie had kindly arranged my reading at Paris' famous bookstore, Shakespeare and Company. We also laughed at how once in Paris party, she had ran into another writer friend of mine, Mike Genlin.

In the afternoon, we visited the Cluny Museum and Saint Chapelle. I will post those pictures some other time.

Later in the evening, we met up with my three cousins, Manny Gonzalez, Chickie Feraren, and Celine Conejos who are in Paris for a two-week holiday.  Manny, who is a foodie, chose another good restaurant right next to Shakespeare and Company, Le Petit Chatelet. After dinner (with a view of the Notre Dame), we explored the Saint Michel area, and later had excellent crepes at the Creperie Saint Germaine. We will all be eating salads in the next days to make up for he calories we had -- but oh, how often do we get together in Paris, anyway -- so we might as well enjoy!

I'll post more pictures later on, dear Readers, but there are simply too many of them. These ones focus on the people I saw this Saturday.  Thanks for visiting!

Manny Gonzalez 

Standing in front of Notre Dame are Cecilia, Marily, and Medy.
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