Thursday, October 30, 2014

Chocolate Mexicano at San Agustin Cafe #SanMiguelAllende, #Mexico

When we are in San Miguel Allende, we must visit some favorite places, one of which is the San Agustin Cafe. This famous cafe, which is dominated by an irreverent painting of St. Agustin, serves a variety of chocolate drinks - Spanish style, French style, and Mexican style. During a past visit to the San Agustin Cafe, we had taste-tested the three kinds and decided the Spanish chocolate was too bitter, the French too sweet, and the Mexican just right. (But better than the Chocolate Mexicano is Chocolate Filipino -- the chocolate from Batanes, Philippines mixed with Mexican is the best combination -- in my opinion.)

In front of the St. Agustin painting with naked cherub, we had churros and Mexican chocolate --- what a treat!

Afterwards we walked around town and saw familiar sites like the Parroquia San Miguel Arcangel near the jardin. I love the trolley and the vivid colors on the buildings.

It's almost halloween and we saw little children in costume. There are many halloween events planned in San Miguel; and sidewalk vendors are selling "skull" and other candies and decorative items. Stay tuned for pictures of those and more.

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