Thursday, October 9, 2014

Arrondissements and More About Paris - #ParisFrance

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I accidentally deleted my most recent blog entry. I'll try to recreate it now.

I was talking about how in my past visits to Paris I usually took the metro which is fast, efficient, economical and easy to figure out.  My complaint about the metro is that I don't see the landmarks of Paris.  I go down, ride the metro, and surface near my destination, like a pop-up mole.

One of the things I want to do this visit is to see more of Paris above-ground, and last night I did that on the way to the Reading at 103 Rue Julian Lacroix, 20th arrondissement.  I took the bus and saw some other distticts.

About the reading, I shared an excerpt of a short story, which was heavy but which was received well, I think, I met some lovely people including Nicholas Calderbank and Ursula Wynne.  Jason McGinnsey hosted the open mic, which was quite enjoyable.  You must join them if you are in Paris, Thursday nights - Paris Lit Up Open Mic.

In my blog entry that vanished, I also talked about "arrondissements" which means districts. There are 20 districts in Paris that are not grid but coil around like a snail. Take a look at the picture. I'm staying in the 6th arrondissement and I'm close to many districts. The first district is the oldest and includes the Louvre.

I shared pictures taken at the reading and the area near my hotel in the 6th district.

More next time, I'm sorry I accidentally deleted a good post. I'll add more pictures to this blog entry, so stop by again.

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