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Thoughts on Turkey and Kobani, #Kobani, #Kobane #Turkey #IS

The government of Turkey has disappointed me greatly.

Turkey forced a righteous US vice-president to apologize for a truth he said, this despite the fact that foreign jihadists themselves say they have used Turkey as their entry point. Further, Jihadists have established a market for stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil in Turkey

Pretending to be neutral in the matter of Kobani, Turkey has been supporting IS by blocking off the only corridor left for the defenders and people of Kobani. There are many eye witnesses who state that IS jihadists have free entry and find refuge in Turkey, including an American-Lebanese woman media person who reported on this matter and mysteriously died after being accused of spying and threatened. In plain view of the media, Turks maltreated Kurds who have been desperate in trying to save Kobani.

Turkey, in my eyes, has behaved terribly. It has not lived up to it's being a NATO member.  No wonder Turkey failed to win a seat in the UN Security Council. 

I recall the 1915-1920s Armenian genocide committed by Turkey, a "sin" that lingers in Turkish history. Is Turkey ready to commit another "sin" by allowing the destruction of Kobani? Is this the stuff that Turks are made off?

The Kobani matter could have been handled differently by Turkey. Turkey could have taken the opportunity to make lasting alliances with the Kurds. Turkey could have come up smelling like roses, instead of earning the ire of the international community.

Whether Turkey likes it or now, the world is aware of the incredible bravery of the Kurds. And likewise, the world is aware of Turkey's betrayal of its NATO partners.

My thoughts and prayers are with Kobane and its brave defenders!

Email your US legislators to help them!

Excerpt from Inside Kobane: The Diary of a Seige

Today marked the 25th day of Kobane’s resistance against ongoing onslaughts by ISIS. What is happening here is extraordinary in whatever way you want look at it. Everybody is playing a role in this historic resistance against ISIS and in defence of their city, although intense fighting rages in the outskirts and within the city’s inner districts, too.
Life under siege has brought ­people together. Everybody is a volunteer in Kobane, in order to keep up the resistance against ISIS. Doctors and nurses work for free at the makeshift hospitals; shopkeepers have emptied their shops of food, drinks and other accessories in order to distribute them for free to the fighters and civilians.
Courageous mothers whose sons and daughters are fighting on the frontline gather and cook food on a daily basis for whoever is hungry and needs food. Money is no longer worth anything because everybody wants to share their resources as well as their willpower to help one another through these hard times and continue with the resistance to save the city. It seems as if everybody belongs to one big family.
This is the solidarity on the ground that is fueling the spirit of the Kobane resistance. The young and old who are able to fight have all resorted to arms and they vow to defend the city until the end. Today, I saw Democratic Union Party (PYD) female co-leader Asiya Abdullah and Kobane canton government minister Enwer Muslim holding Kalashnikov rifles and they left in the direction of the eastern districts, where the fighting with ISIS gunmen has intensified on an unprecedented scale.~~
Pictures were grabbed from Twitter
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