Friday, November 14, 2014

Gardening: Growing Paperwhite Narcissus Bulbs

I have a project and that's to grow Paperwhite Narcissus. I usually do this in the Winter.  Take a look at the picture with white flowers.  That is the goal.

I bought two packs of Paperwhite Narcissis bulbs at Home Depot.

I placed some rocks at the bottom of my blue-and-white container. I opened the packs of Paperwhites and removed the lose brown covering from each bulb. After, I lay each one on top of the rock.  Next, I poured water into the pot so the water reached the base of the bulbs.  

That's it!  So easy. 
I placed the container on a table without a lot of sunlight. The Papaerwhites should bloom in 4-6 weeks. Here are more detailed instructions from the White Flower Farm in case you want to grow them. It's fun to watch them slowly grow every day. I did this the other day and I already see little tips poking out.

P.S. Keep cats away, especially when the bulbs start growing!

Have a great weekend!

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