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2014 Retrospective - First Half of 2014 - #CeciliaBrainard

I'm reviewing what happened in my life in 2014. Here are some pictures taken during the first part of the year. Here is the link to the second half of the retrospective.

January 2014
These were taken in the Philippines, a few months after Cebu was devastated by an earthquake and Super Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda.

February 2014
I met some relatives of my father in Santa Rosa, Laguna.

Soon after I got back to the US, my family informed me we were going to Fiji, so I had a few days in California before I was back on the plane to Fiji.

These were taken in Fiji.

March 2014
This was taken back in California, with some Maryknoll friends.

April 2014
These are some Easter pictures.

This was also taken in April, with some Maryknoll classmates.

May 2014
This was taken in Santa Monica with some friends, the Rosses.

June 2014
This was taken in Long Beach with the Allens.

I was part of a Literary Festival in Cebu, Philippines, in late June.

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