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True Story - The Ghost Children in Amboise, France

To follow up on Ghost Stories, I'd like to share something that happened to me several years ago when my husband and I visited Amboise, France.

We were on a driving tour of France and one of our stops was the city of Amboise, where the artist Leonard da Vinci had lived at the invitation of King Francis I of France. We stayed in a very old hotel that had been renovated, and which looked something like the timber-framed house in the picture above.

On our first night there, I had a waking dream wherein I saw two children in our room. My impression of them, which lingers up to now, was that they were Moorish. I don't know if Moors had ever lived in Amboise, but that was how I perceived them. They were young, maybe seven or eight, a boy and a girl, and they seemed lost or confused.  In my dreamlike state, I knew that they were spirits of children who were earthbound. Coming from the Philippines, I had heard many stories of earthbound spirits -- people who died suddenly or violently and who were stuck in this earthly plane. These spirits haunt the places where they died or which were meaningful to them.

I should mention that such hauntings are taken seriously in the Philippines and priests are called to exorcise haunted places.

Back in Amboise, in my dreamlike state, I proceeded to "talk" (silently, in my head) to the children. In that state, I was not afraid, although I am actually quite cowardly about ghosts and spirits. Somehow, I realized they needed help and my message to them was that they had to move on. I don't recall the spirits replying, although they seemed to disappear.

In the morning I told my husband what had happened, but he just smiled.  Later, I asked the woman at the desk if they had ever heard of ghosts in the building, and she also seemed to be an unbeliever of spirits and ghosts. But I am certain that an old place like that, with a lot of history, would have a few ghosts around.

Back in the US, I related this story to my psychic friend, Jeanie, and she said she had no doubt those children were ghosts and that I did the right thing to send them on.

I've had other experiences with the supernatural, but I want to add that I always bring in God and prayer, especially when the situation gets creepy. I believe that one must align one's self with Good especially when there is the possibility that Evil is around. A deliverance prayer like the Our Father is powerful -- "deliver us from all evil," and I also like the prayer "Blood of Jesus Christ, cover and protect me."

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