Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Roast Turkey for Christmas Eve - #Cooking, #Food

I was hemming and hawing about whether I'll fix a roast or turkey for Christmas Eve, and on Monday I decided on a roast. That would be Monday, December 22.

I drove to Costco and the crowd there was unbelievable. There was absolutely no parking. I went around several times until I finally gave up. I went to Smart and Final where all the nice roasts were gone. I settled on a turkey.

Now, I'll confess turkey intimidates me. I think it's the size of the bird that freaks me out. I have a 23 pounder and it's frozen. I don't have space in the refrigerator and I can't leave it in the sink because it'll thaw out too soon. I put it in a cooler with ice and and plan to roast it on Christmas Eve.

I have cranberries, stuffing, and I'll make mashed potatoes -- the whole works.

At this point, I've given up on shopping and decorating, and am now worrying about the food.

There's a lot of work that goes into celebrating Christmas, so be sure and thank your "cooks" for the holiday celebrations.

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